Process Versatility

Progressive Metal Manufacturing Company occupies a unique market niche… big enough to handle complex jobs too complicated for boutique-style suppliers, but small enough to quickly gear up for shorter, time-sensitive production needs.We specialize in adaptation, a required skill in today’s fast-paced manufacturing environment. Do we have the engineering and management resources to flawlessly develop, prototype, and launch a large variety of parts for low volume programs?


Can we handle an annual part request of 50,000 pieces?

Of course.

Progressive Metal is fully loaded. Our engineering team can aid in production requirements, prototypes and developing full turnkey solutions, using the latest technology available. Our tool & die capability works in tandem with client needs to build, rework and repair production, prototype and progressive die sets. Our quality standards include ISO 9001:2015 Certification and government specifications.

Our customers know full well the Progressive Advantage. Here are just a few examples that illustrate that point.

Success Stories

Heavy-Duty Front Towing Assembly

The extreme tonnage involved in trucking demands well engineered, heavy duty components. PMMCO’s customer needed a tow assembly that could manage the load forces without distorting, or worse, damaging the frame of the tractor.

An 18-wheeler with a fully loaded semi-trailer could weigh as much as 80,000 lbs. This front tow assembly needed to be both strong and fail-proof, ensuring that the rig could be pulled to safety from a spin out into a highway ditch.

The customer came to PMMCO because of our history as a high-quality fabricator of heavy duty custom-welded steel assemblies. Constructed from ½ inch thick MIG welded steel plates, this clever design features a deep tongue and clam-shell construction for flexible final assembly onto a variety of different truck models.

PMMCO’s in-house laser cutting, forming, welding and assembly operations made this a competitively priced single-source part for the customer that we ship to multiple plants internationally to meet their JIT customer build schedules.

Heat Shield

During a customer’s production part approval meeting at our facility, the discussion turned to advanced product planning. The PMMCO engineering executive introduced the customer to our various robotic welding capabilities.

The customer wanted one supplier that could deliver 42 different parts in a single shipment for their specialty vehicle program. A successful launch could not be managed with anything less. The line needed to run with a 100% coordinated synchronous just-in-time delivery.

PMMCO in the 21st Century has continued to invest in new machinery and capabilities. A single source combination of laser cutting, robotic spot welding and metal forming using a state-of-the-art MRP control process was the ideal solution.

OEM’s have come to realize that time invested in supplier relationships is well spent. The quality communication and trust that develops provide exponential value. In this case, the passion of the PMMCO team and the dedication of the owners to invest in state-of-the-art resources was a big win for everyone.